Where to buy Preserved Roses in Cebu?

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Cebu Blogger: As soon as that Walt Disney film of a popular childhood fairytale, Beauty and the Beast was released in 2017, a lot of movie fans went crazy over the fad of having their own “enchanted rose”. Seriously? There’s a worldwide demand, so flower producers definitely need to provide something to satisfy the CRAY-ving.

the Enchanted Rose

As seen on the movie, a disguised enchantress turned the prince into a hideous beast and casted a spell on a rose. He is cursed and that it will only be broken until he will learn to find love and that he earns that love in return not after the last petal of the enchanted rose drops. Clearly, the Enchanted Rose is definitely an icon on its posters and press releases that captured the die hard fanatics. It is easily described as a single rose placed inside a glass dome. Due to its demand, flower artists and shops all over the world have invented the Eternal Rose mimicking that of the film. And everyone is happy to have one!

Here in Cebu, Philippines, one can purchase a preserved Ecuadorian rose through Flowers Cafe Cebu which is an online flower shop. If one prefers to have their own DIY project, there is a wholesale of preserved roses in variety of colors and sizes to choose from the website.

This is a set of FlorEver Rosa Immortalite

The shop also offers their signature rose in a jar. It is called the Lumina by FlorEver Rosa. The preserved rose is placed inside a glass jar covered with a cork that has LED lights.  It’s another first to be introduced as a product of an online flower shop in Cebu. It has not been released yet on their website not until June.

They will also have another item that housed their FlorEver Rosa in a glass cylinder. It is called “Incanto by FlorEver Rosa“. It exudes beauty, elegance and regality. If you will have one, you must be someone special and that person adores you so much!

Where to buy Preserved Roses in Cebu?

There is a website that you can visit. Head straight here at Preserved Roses Cebu

A number of preserved Ecuadorian roses are available for you to choose from.

Email: flowerscafecebu@gmail.com

Contact: 09059991195 or 032-316-4685

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/flowerscafecebu/

Oh, btw, since you have stumbled this post, when you want to buy these preserved roses, you are in for a discount treat!

Select any of the items marked on “WHOLESALE” and get 25% off upon check out.

Promo code: florever

May you find your FlOREVER love.



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