Happy Birthday Mamci!

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Cebu Blogger: Today (well, maybe yesterday? I’ll tell you why…), a very special person, someone dear to my heart, celebrates her natal day! My dear mama (with an accent) is turning 18! LOL. I just want to confuse you. Did I from the opening sentence?

For the record, I sent her a basket of flowers and fruits to cheer her up a bit. But it came almost midday — I have to scold a local florist in town I commissioned to deliver it before 9 AM — that sounds delayed service to me and the celebrant as well. Surprise, KJ! Fuzz.

How I wish I could personally hand the present for mom but I just can’t.  I’m a professional florist btw for damn sake but my flower power got battery drained! What an irony.

So much for the drama, all is well. Mudra’s smile is from ear to ear!

My cousin took this photo on that sad couch! His phone might not be that of high end, I guess?


Birthdate Registry

When I was a kid, we celebrated mom’s birthday a few times either on the 5th of May or on the 6th of May. This is funny! Thus, the confusion. This is how f*cked up Philippine birth registry in the 50s!

Here’s a little story for the Cheezemosas out there…

According to grand-LOLA (may her soul rest in peace), mamadear came out to this world of realness on the day of May 6. However, her birth certificate shows May 5 when it was released to them. BITCH! That’s the reason that in the olden days, we either celebrate on the 5th or on the 6th, depending on which day the family has a good budget for a feeding program! Hahahaha.

But mamadear got this fixed before she turned 60! (That’s a bit too late for a time, darling!) Her final birth registry is now corrected to May 6 just before her retirement age! That’s a bitch slap for my mom.  And she has to spend a dime for it! Sorry, I just have to mention it. The process is so painstaking. The government should have at least do something to amend whatever law we have with this kind of public document changes that isn’t mama’s fault when the world frowned at her the moment she made her first cry! F*ck the laws! That’s for my mom!

I don’t need to mention what year she was born. She gets sensitive when the topic is about age! Well, who doesn’t?  Hmmm… here’s a hint…she’s a Monkey (Chinese Zodiac). Hahaha. Go figure!

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