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Cebu Safari: Finding instagramable spots nowadays could be a bit easier than decades ago because we have this contemporary gift of social media and people are getting hooked at it all the time – becoming slaves of the internet. However, it’s rather challenging when everyone tries to become an influencer-wannabe, discovering new things, saying sh!t about it and then race to post first on their own social accounts. It’s like a trophy for bragging rights now.

I get it, we get it. The energy level is high among millennials who are always on the go. Because of this, we (with my fellow blogger friends of Cebu) have recently checked the Philippine’s largest zoological park situated in Carmen, Cebu.

The Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is on soft-opening around April 2018 when we first visited. Emphasis on “first” because we are planning for a second excursion to Kingdoms Animalia and Plantae within the year when the adventure section of the park will be made available to us tourists.

I have blogged about How to get to Cebu Safari Adventure Park in my travel-themed website. I highly recommend that you check it for a detailed itinerary.

Photo stories:

See that one zebra tries to hide from the heat of the sun because it realized that his gluta intake is ineffective as black stripes are still visible! 

Cebu Safari-Zebras

We never thought Vice Ganda took a leave in Showtime on this day and found him here doing part time! Kidding-aside!

Cebu Safari- Pony

I think this Giraffe is a lot sexier than me with its super long neck. I can’t compete. But I got my pearl necklace, honey!


Oh, what do you call them? They are just like some of my friends here! CROCOdiles!


Oh, please! Not today, sweeties… Get a room! However, overheard a kid telling his younger brother, “that’s a two-headed turtle”. The adult in me, I just smiled! 


You b!tches should be ASShamed right now! That pink booty is gorgeous!


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Last update: May 10, 2018



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