A Fresh Start

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Cebu Blogger– Having this personal blog site for more than a decade and lose all its contents in just a snap is definitely heartbreaking. With flashback memories, I realized how far I have become as a novice blogger (circa 2007) to a professional one,¬† even to a point of having multiple websites of different niches. Having a backup on a regular basis is a lesson I must not forget. In this vulnerable world I live in, shit just happens and like the weather nowadays, unpredictable. Being the master creator of my contents, I guess I have to move on and redo it all over again. Perhaps, in a much improved scale this time. I’m confident to recreate what I have done. I hope I could still bring inspiring, fun, and worthy posts in the future. *crossing fingers*

The Logo

My official logo is an art work that glorifies the beauty of a woman. Thus, the ostentatious boobs!¬†Thou shall not zegxually harass me in your mind. I maybe a man that exudes a feminine aura, but there is definitely more to it. I’m strong and OBNOXIOUS. Didn’t expect that?

The “X” is intentional and pompous as it would represent the first letter of my name. Oh, puhlease, don’t let me mention my first name, here! The word “queer”, I think doesn’t need explaining.

Kudos to a dear friend, Verge of Vergetalks.com as a co-creator of it. He is really good at logos. He charge for a fee but I got this for free! Why? Because, i’m FREETY! lol

The blog theme

Honestly, WordPress gives options to choose from and I just don’t want to spend much time browsing over a thousand of them. I just clicked this, installed it and voila! Made the sh!t out of it! Oops, I may even change it again if I get bored at this one!


ObnoXious Queer


P.S. Don’t treat love like it’s a flavah of the month!

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