Flower Power

I'm a professional florist.

I own a local flower shop business.

If you need help in floral design and arrangement, all you need is book me, bitch!

For bouquets, sympathy flowers, basket of flowers, etc., click down below.

SAVE by the bell

If you envy the lives of the filthy, crazy, rich people, then you have to work, bitch! Hmmm... not really... *wink*

Don't just spend all your moolahs like there's no tomorrow and get poor. Nah, don't be a money slave! Save, Save and Save for the rainy days, dahlings.

Travel Hook-Ups

Want to go on vacation? Need help in booking promo tickets? Local travel itineraries? Transportation services?

New place to social climb?

I meant a scenic view worthy on instagram.

I've got that covered, bitch!

Queerdom Wisdom

I own this domain since 2008. It means, I'm bitchin' for so long.

In April 2018, I failed to recover my database and lost all my site contents. Shame. A decade of work masterpieces gone in a snap! Sad life of a blogger. Now, the only choice I have is to move on. Make new memoirs. And to always do regular website backups like it's life and death situation. Gosh, have to learn my lesson. It's not enough to be pretty. LOL.

Trying to update this website for fresh contents could be challenging now. My creative juices as a blogger might be approaching a menopausal stage. *chuckles* Oh, please! Hopefully, not yet. Will figure out inspirations so I can paint this world in another dimension colors that are not just limited to that of a rainbow.

Caution, a number of postings could be satirical in nature but a little personal revelation of myself will be sipping through the lines.  You've been warned! This is my website. I can do whatever I want. I can delete it or use it as a weapon not for mass destruction but for mass information. Respect my views and opinions. If you can't, go make your own blog!

Well, you have the option to leave. You don't need to buy it. It's free, bitch!

Top Cebu Blogger

Do me a favor...

Life is too short. So make sure to take care of yourself. Lavish on with moisturizers if you can. Sometimes, I just can't stand people with attitude problems especially if their face is the issue.